Alex­ander Ruden­shiold

Researcher, writer, musician, audio engineer, and designer based in Irvine, California.
Ph.D. student researching internet & material sub/cultures; online community; podcasting & livestreaming; left politics; games; and memes in the Film & Media Studies program at UC – Irvine.

Upcoming events & news...

☆ Infant Island contribution to Balladeers, Redefined out now via Secret Voice Records (link).

☆ Presenting "Furries built the internet: pre-2000 fandom computing" at Association of Internet Researchers' annual conference in Philadelphia 10/18-23.

☆ Presenting "Furry subjectivity and becoming-anthropomorphic" at University of Southern California's annual First Forum conference 10/27-28.

 Generic Resume
 Diet of Nothing (Substack)
 "'Twitch's C-Word': CrackerGate, left-wing livestreaming, & mass-flagging." Under review.

 "Theorizing the After-Human in Videogames: Flesh and Intersubjectivity Against Residual Humanisms through Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology." Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism 51, no. 2 (June 2024, forthcoming). Co-authored with Justin Keever.

 "'Like the Burning of the Library of Alexandria': The Death and Deletion of Yahoo! Answers." Spectator 43, no. 1 (Spring 2023): 9–18. Co-authored with Parker Bach and Harry Hudome. [ProQuest] [pdf]

 ‘“Live” and Leftist: Twitch, Political Livestreaming, and Hasan Piker.’ M.A. Thesis, University of Virginia, 2022. [DOI Permalink]
 Fight Like Hell: The Untold History of American Labor by Kim Kelly, from One Signal / Simon & Schuster.
  2022. Bibliography writer.

 In Case of Emergency: How Technologies Mediate Crisis and Normalize Inequality by Elizabeth Ellcessor, from NYU Press.
  2022. Copy editor, research assistant.

 Volume 24, Issue 2 of The Communication Review
  2021. Peer reviewer.

 Music, culture, & politics articles for RVA Mag
  2019. Editorial intern.

 Issue 6.1 of The Rappahannock Review
  2018. Lead poetry editor.

 Whurk Magazine
  2016. Music editor.
 Infant Island (Website|Bandcamp|Spotify|Apple)
 Mattachine (Bandcamp|Spotify|Apple)
 Sylph (Bandcamp)
 Maidenhair (Bandcamp)
 Cerbe (Soundcloud)
 Infant Island - "Aurora"
  Songwriting, performance.
  Released as part of the Balladeers, Redefined compilation on Secret Voice.

 Mattachine & Mikau - Eject Modernity, Erase Tradition
  Songwriting, performance.
 So Badly - Lemon Blue
  Production (engineering, recording, mixing).
 Infant Island - Collections 1
  Songwriting, performance, production (engineering, recording, mixing, mastering), remixing.
  Released by Hidden Sound Collective (US) & Dog Knights Productions (UK, EU).

 Mattachine - Isolation as a Form of Torture
  Songwriting, performance.
  Released by Zegema Beach Records.

 Infant Island - Beneath
  Pitchfork 7.9!
  Songwriting, performance.
  Released by Dog Knights Productions.

 Infant Island - Sepulcher
  Songwriting, performance.
  Released by Acrobat Unstable Records (US), Zegema Beach Records (Can), & Left Hand Label (UK, EU).
 So Badly - Someone Better / Blue
  Mixing, mastering.

 Sylph - Sylph
  Songwriting, performance, production (engineering, recording, mixing, mastering).

 Infant Island - "Death Portrait"
  Songwriting, performance.
  Released as part of the Hymnes aux Désarrois de la Peau 4-way split.

 Infant Island - "A Preoccupation (Reprise)"
  Songwriting, performance, production (engineering, recording, mixing).
  Released as part of the Sordid States V.2 compilation on Middle Man Records.

 Raw Feels - I Feel Fine
 Infant Island - "Ugly Brunette/July 5th (Horse Jumper of Love cover)"
  Re-arrangement, performance.
  Released as part of the Grave Neighbours V.2 compilation on Middle Man Records.

 Infant Island - Infant Island
  Songwriting, performance.
  Released on Middle Man Records (US), Conditions Records (US), Dingleberry Records (DE), & Zegema Beach Records (Can).

 Infant Island - "Where There Is Ruin"
  Songwriting, performance, production (engineering, recording, mixing, mastering).
 Maidenhair - Charlie's Song
  Songwriting, performance, production (engineering, recording, mixing, mastering).

 Sorority Boy - Friends / Enemies
  Production (engineering, recording, mixing).

 Infant Island & Smallhands - Split
  Songwriting, performance, production (engineering, recording, mixing, mastering).
 Maidenhair - "Fall"
  Songwriting, performance, production (engineering, recording, mixing, mastering).
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